Friday, November 9, 2012

Art journaling.


I finally worked in my journal again.

It isn't excactly a Monet and it's far from done but at least I did something in my journal. You probably know how often we're looking for new items that can become good stencils. I found one yesterday. My old and well used glass ( can't find the word) in which I store my glasses. I cut up the sewing and stencil.

The only thing I need to get hold of is a good roller. Below is my first try, not bad. I'll have to make a new one for storage of my glasses,but these things happens from time to time.

The page was already paint when I start working. I added some clear tar gel to see if I could achieve a certain effect, but that didn't work well. I'll try it over again later on. The Monster / fish is a leftover from earlier projects. I have no clue on how this will end, but then again that's part of the fun.

I think I was inspired from the radio today, a childrens program, they were talking of a monster living under a childs bed.
Sandra is coming this afternoon so perhaps we will continue painting together.  Rainy and stormy so it suits well to stay indoors playing. Enjoy your weekend too!


  1. I like using stencils made from everyday items. Yours is great! I love the pattern it achieves.

    Have fun this weekend with Sandra. We're having cloudy, gray weather and a few sprinkles.

  2. i love this page the monster fish it great