Monday, November 19, 2012

A new idea.


I got some new ideas during the weekend.

A girl standing next to me sold potholders with funny animals on. You know, fabric printed with any kind of funny animals. When I saw them I got the idea to paint funny persons and add some text.
I have been discussing with friends lately about how our language is changing, and that it's sad with all these words disappearing. Old words filled with meaning are no longer in use, like the word Moster as I have told you about earlier. Even my son asks me for these old words. He knows that I know them and still uses them as often as the situation allows it.
My idea is to make some art pieces and include the words. These words are known only to people around where I live, other parts of our country have their own ways of expressing the same things. I have to admit that I take a special interest in these old words, so that's part of it too. It warms my heart that my son seems to have the same interest.  I hope to save the words by using them in my artwork. That's my idea.

Todays word or expression is: haurt saure? which means : heard such thing? Most often it's used when commenting a surprise, good or bad. I won't say it's negative but most often I've heard it used when commenting something as nonsens.
I think this can be a fun thing to do, and I'm also inspired from this blog. I'll never be as good as her to make the funny people but I'll make them my own
The painting abowe is my first try, and I was amazed to notice that her eyes reminds alot of one of my nieces.

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  1. I love this idea! And your painted girl is so cute.