Saturday, November 10, 2012

Time didn't excist.


I had a fantastic day yesterday.

I was working in my journal and didn't notice a thing before Handyman came back from work. I really felt how much I've missed it, that good feeling to just let go.
It was all about faces, hair (!!) and laces. Can you tell I had fun?
I often wonder how all these girls have enough space in my pencil, eh....they do live in the pencils, don't they? Who are they, why do they look as they do? I also wonder wether my girls looks the same or if they have anything in common. Is it possible to tell that I made these girls? No matter what, I have fun making them and I don't get bored of it either.
Notice her lace dress, I made it with my white pen and added some shadows. It looks quite real, doesn't it? I glued bookpaper patches onto the pages before starting my work. It's not all that easy to paint on top of that but it adds so much that it's worth the extra work.

I almost gave up on the one below. Not at any point she would cooperat. She was a struggle from start to end, but now I like her.  I used much less paint in her face and the letters shines through. At the beginning I didn't like it, but now I think it's cool. Notice her throat too. Sorry that you can't read the text but it says:

It's always a problem figuring out a great hairstyle while drawing.

Some times a rainhat makes a big difference in a girls life.

Her dress is special made for her, one of a kind worldwide. I always end up not knowing what to do below the throat. The dress is from a background paper I made awhile back, cut out and glued on top of something I disliked. Her arms, you ask..........pftttttttttt  she had to amputate them. But let me tell you, she's really good using her feet.

 They live next door to one another, and just as I write this I see that one is out-standing and the other withdrawn. It's the size that does it. My fish/monster had to wait, I so much wanted to make these girls.

I know I have to do this more often, it's just that there are so many other things I want to do too. Isn't that what we call a luxury problem?
Thanks for visiting, it's always so inspiring.


  1. I love the girl with the text showing through -real arty!!I've never tried collage

  2. Both of your girls are beautiful. I love the one with the rain hat. Her dress is perfect...your background paper is so colorful.