Thursday, November 22, 2012

Busy days.


I have used the last couple of days to prepare the opening of my shop.

For a long period of time I have been thinking of this, and now was the time. I plan to add alot more into the shop, but first I want to see if there are any responce. I have ordered some adverticement the next couple of weeks and hope that will help make my shop known. So, I'll take it from there.

Go have a look and let me know if you have any suggestions for changing things.


I have made anotherone of my funny folk paintings with old words onto it. Todays word is difficult to translate, or more correctly I'm not quite sure what word to use. Perhaps one of you can help?

She's washing and? have alot going on, could I use the word struggling? You know, being busy with alot of things all day.

Oh boy, just when I was going to upload this photo I was told I have no storagespace left. I lost my head, my courage and my BLOG!! What to do???
Well, handyman fixed it. He simply bought me some extra storage. Oh, I love that man! Normally I don't loose my senses, I'm quite good at fixing things, but when it comes to tecknical stuff I'm lost. But, that's where handyman has his strength. How much luck might a girl have??

Take care !


  1. oh i love this one, it made me smile, she looks like she is a b usy bee

  2. I really like these new paintings you're doing. And good luck with your shop.