Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christmas market and a trade.


 Finally the day has come.

Now I have no more time to speculate on how to do things, and that's good. This evening I was there to set up my space and tomorrow it all begins. This is a new experience to me and I have no idea of what people are searching for. I might have missed out on everything I made. Friends of mine that saw my things speaks well of it, so all I can do now is to wait and see.
It was fairly quick done to organize my things, I don't have too much. Many oyhers had lots and lots of goods. It wasn't easy to photograph in there, so you'll have to see some not that good photos. The bunad sacks are not mine, but I allowed her to use that space.

Can you spot my glasses in one of the shelves? It's so iritating, they're still there. I'll have to do without them untill I'm back to pick them up tomorrow.
 Please, keep your fingers crossed for me for this whole thing, I probably need it.

When I returned home this evening a wonderful surprise waited for me in the mailbox. Lee and I have a trade going and today her part arrived at my home, the same day as I shipped mine. This must be a good sign for coming weekend, I think. Thanks alot Lee for the beautiful card, I love it! And yes, it reached me in one piece.
To the rest of you, have a look, isn't it beautiful ?

Have a nice weekend everyone, mine is going to be busy I hope.


  1. Everything looks great! I hope you have lots of sales and meet lots of interesting people.

    Lee's art is fantastic! I love her and her art.

  2. good luck, i know you will do well, and I am so glad you got your postcard, and thanks for the nice comments