Monday, November 12, 2012

It sort of grew.

I have no idea of how many times I've been trying to write this post.


When I first realized  what this was all about, I couldn't find the words to explain it. If I wrote my posts in Norwegian it wouldn't cost me much, but in English it's much harder.
The monsterfish was made without any plans. I just sat down and worked on intuition. But something happened when I, at the end, added the text. I felt it needed some more.

Without further thinking I started to work on the next page and came up with what you see below. Still I had no plans other than to make a matching image. I added a quick little text and thought , yes, this is fun.
It wasn't before hours later it dawned on me what this really ment.
The monsterfish has it's focus on freedom, and the fishes in the bowl feels free too. I think that was what started my thinking.   Freedom, what excactly does that mean?
Why is it that a person loaded with obligations still feels free as a bird, while a person with long hours off duty doesn't feel free at all?
Freedom doesn't always have to be without limitations, to be within a "frame" and still feel free can be just as good and in many ways even better. When it comes to humans, I don't think one can feel real free without knowing and accepting the total of self. It's as easy and hard as that, I believe. This theme could be transfered to alot of other things too, but I'll leave it up to you to think for yourself.
Isn't it unbelievable what some fishes in an art journal can lead to?

See the flowers bottom left and top right? They're cut-outs from a papertowel, glued down with matte medium, drawn and painted when dry. Using the matte medium gives them a very interesting surface.

Sandra and I had a good time painting together. She is nearly done in her first art journal, so Saturday we went out to buy her a new one. Next time, we need to make her a cover for the finished one. She has asked for that. Maby we'll try to make her some paper-cloth for that purpose.

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