Saturday, November 3, 2012

Good friends are a blessing.


I signed up in the postcard swap after all.

The theme for this swap is empowerment, and as I was thinking of what to do/ how to approach it I got serious problems. Empowerment, how does one express that? The excact translation of the word made it even more difficult. Empowerment, it's an idea more than a single word and that's what makes it hard to nail the essence.
In the middle of my thinking a friend of mine came visiting, and she became my rescue. We were brainstorming, (she brained and I stormed.) She told me about the origin of the word, in which circumstances it arose and how it should be understood. Giving people the right tools to take care of their own lifes,among other things.  I'm overwhelmed by her knowledge, far beyond everything I know. Good friends are a blessing, and this particular one is close too.

To discuss with friends makes the whole picture clearer, the essence of things are brought to the surface in a much more effective way. I'm thankful and decided to make a card for her too.

When it comes to the swap, I have chosen to focus the importance of art. Art is an important tool in so many ways, and for some people the only way of opposing against their regimes. I don't think those people will participate in this swap though, but it's worth spending some moments thinking of it.

Four of my five cards for this swap. I used twinkling H2O's  painted and sewed on layered tissue paper. In fact I was in the middle of a process working with tissue paper, so it suited well to test my work making these cards. One more to go and I'm done. Fun doing and learning as well.

Here is the link to iHanna, not too late to sign up if you want to share the fun!

Be well and have fun this weekend!


  1. love the cards, they stayed true to the word

  2. Beautiful cards!! You always do such incredible art.