Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wow, 26 deg. and sunny.

I had a really nice summerday yesterday.

26 deg. (78.8 F) is nice and warm here. The sun shining all day and a short but heavy rainshower in the afternoon. A perfect day and I was inspired to work outdoors all day. I brought some hooks and a bag of yarn and let my imagination lead the way.

Oh, I can't tell you how I appreciated yesterday. I'll show you some butterflys I made and when I should photograph them I used double sided tape. (not so smart though because I remowed some of the paint from the wall)

Later on I tried to make some bracelets but was not satisfied with my first two. Then I made one that I liked and I just have to develop it a bit more. Looks great in my opinion. I'll show you one of the first days.
Now I'm headed out again, looks that we're going to have another nice day. I just love it.
Wish you all the best.

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