Friday, July 29, 2011

An owner for the little skirt.

Say hello to Constanse.

Constanse is my sisters oldest grandchild. Today they was visiting me and the skirt found it's owner. Constanse loves pink so it suited her well. She is such a lovely girl and all that almost white hair amazes me.
She has a little brother called Caspian and he is a stubborn one but very cute too.

Now I've completed my decluttering and it feels soooooo good. This weekend it's time for Sandra again and most likely we'll journal a bit. Well, it depends on Sandra and what she prefers to do.
I just wanted to show you how the skirt fitted the new owner.
Take care and enjoy your weekend.


  1. The little skirt found the perfect new home! She looks adorable wearing it. And her hair is beautiful!

  2. Så fint det var på. Herlig liten solstråle dettan. Ungene hos pappsen og jeg har fri. Blir vist en stund til vi alle fire får rolse sammen. Ha en finfin helg:)