Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sandra is doing great.

Sandra had done a few pages at home this time. I really like what she has been doing, especially her sun is nice and that page is not influenced by me. That's Sandras own voice. I spoke to her about that, to make her own things instead of making "copys" and she seemed to understand what I was trying to say.

We have been journaling this weekend too and it's very nice to sit together doing it.
Yesterday we were out to buy Sandra a new white pen that she had saved money for. That way she will be careful about her equipment. And sooooo proud.

Here is the spread with the sun. That is so Sandra and even much nicer to see in person. In the other page she has used a scrap she was given from a friend of mine. You can see the mouth and blue part. I was curious to see how she would use it. The headline she found in a magazine and cut it out. She said to me: this is a nice text that I will use. It says: FREEDOM AND SAFETY.
I was quite surprised for her choice but I think she thought it over before using it, and we talked about what it ment for her. She is the little one but not that small after all.

It's such a pleasure to have her here and we are learning from each other.
Well, that's all for now I'm off to make some more bracelets.
Wish you all the best.


  1. It's great that Sandra is interesting in art. Too often kids are discouraged from doing their own thing and that's not good. Her pages are all her own and you both should be proud.

  2. Hei Sandra. Så kjekt du har brukt munnen. Så fint da og teksten, wow. Malika har også begynt nå.