Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Playing with colours again.

At last I've had some fun with my colours again.

The face below I did a while ago. The drawing is not bad but I need to practise the colouring job. How do you colour your faces (drawn that is)? Do you use paint, crayons or markers? At this one I used markers but I need to practise on using them. The hair is not easy to draw so I chose the easy way. Her scull was so clearly drawn that her headscarf is a bit misplaced. I love drawing faces though so I'll be there sooner or later.

Here I've been playing with some of my stamps. I really like the littel fairy. The boy looks a bit like a Christmas image to me but he is cute as well. It could have been fun trying to carve my own stamps, but that'll have to wait a bit.

I'm so tired of waiting for summer that I thought I would paint it. Today the weather is very close to warm, so I'll probably be outside doing some gardening. One of my neighbours has a lot of rose bushes and they smell like heaven right now. Isn't that lovely, to go outside and sense the smell of roses in the air?

Late last night I was going to paint some sheets with watercolour to use as backgrounds. But before I knew what was happening this one was filled with "ghosts" or whatever they are. Isn't that amazing when things just happens? That's what I like the most. When I try to plan things it seems like I'm bound in some sort of way. Do you prefer to plan your artwork?

Well friends, that's all for now. I'm off to spend my day outside. And thanks a lot for visiting and commenting. I really appreciate it all. My June stats almost blew me away. So again, thanks to each and everyone of you.

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  1. These are all super but I love the last one of the ghosts! Most of my favorite things I've done are paintings that come about in an "accidental" way. They seem more real to me.

    I hope summer arrives for you soon. It's definitely here where I live. Yesterday it was 100ºF!!