Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Still painting.

It's fun.

But today I ruined a page which I was very pleased with. Well, I note it on the account for learning. That's the easiest way to handlle it. Do you often experience that, or are you too familiare to the tecknique to do such things any more?
Probably not, I recon that will happen from time to time as long as I'm doing this.

I saw a little you-tube film this morning and that's why I ruined my page. The film showed someone painting a face. When I thought the face was finished the girl started painting over it again???!!? The result was amazing and the girl was very skilled. I was not painting a face, but doing a background. With the film in mind I started to layer my page. Over and over again and to my surprise it became nice. (In my opinion) Then I did the mistake, I put another layer on top and that ruied it. After that I did several stupid things so my page..... well it's still there in my journal. Unfortunately I have no photo to show it off today but I promise to do so.

Instead I'll show you a drawing I did way back. The upper ball is good enough but the lower one was ment to be a glassball with a rope around it. The rope which lies in front has a shadow but the colours should be turned around.
The colour in front seems a bit dusty whilst the "back" colour is clearer.

I made this spread this weekend. The left page has a background far too busy but now I've learned something from that. From now on I'll try to build the backgrounds with layers of paint. The fish just happened because of the background colour. Reminded me of fresh water.

Wish you all the best.


  1. Herlig svinende dame med vesken på armen og paraplyen i hånden. Ja, ja og ja, det regner mye her i Norge. Får håpe vi ikke endre opp med gjeller. Have a nice day.

  2. Just keep layering on the page you think you ruined. I can't tell you how many times I've ruined a page, but if I just keep going I usually end up with something I like.

    I really like the fish! It's beautiful.

  3. I know the feeling when you are painting, laying building up a textured background and it looks good and then really good and then horrible. But Janet is right you have to just keep going - and sometimes it turns out far better than you could ever have expected.