Thursday, March 7, 2013

Meant to be a sketch.


My first try on collaging. 

Yesterday I sat down to make a sketch for a collage work I was planning to do. We have a place close by here that is breathtaking each time I'm there, and I tried to "copy" that place from my head only. Perhaps I should visit and photograph it a sunny day and try to paint it for real.

I worked/painted rather quickly, just to get an idea of how to build it up. To my surprise it did actually look like something I could continue to work on. Usually I need to make several of these sketches before I think they can be used.
As I continued I got so occupied I forgot what I was doing and out came this piece below.

I had to continue working and ended up with the one below. Even handyman liked it, he likes what he can understand. This one he understood, and I ended up not having a sketch for a collage but an artpiece of it's own. The sun doesn't look like the usual sun but that's the freedom of the artist, don't you think?

I very much like how the sun has guilded the edge of the mountains. That's a sight I see every day the sun shines. The rest of the mountains are still misty, the part in between is a bit unclair too. And then the brighter colors in front. Well, yes I like it too.
It's mixed media made, watercolors, twinks, ws crayons, acrylics and leaf gold. Black and white pens as well. It's A3 sized. I'll probably frame this one.
My friend who was gifted the cats I made, had them framed and that turned out beautiful. It's kind of hard to believe I made it when I see it. It looks so professional in a way, and I don't excactly feel like a pro. I'll have to work on that feeling.
I was so sure to start making collage, but now I feel like finishing a piece that has been a WIP for far too long. Today I'll have a look and see what can be done to it.


  1. Yes, frame this one! It's beautiful.

  2. yes it is beautiful, you should frame this and hang it proudly