Monday, March 18, 2013

Alot has been done.


I have made a deal with myself

to work on my series each weekend. This weekend was a good one, alot of work was done.This morning I felt for doing a little experiment, I took a photo from my spiral series and started working on it in picasa. Below is the actual photo, remember?
After an hour or two the result is nothing like the original photo except from the motif of course. I am becoming more and more greatful for taking the job to understand how things work on this computer. Why on earth didn't I do that earlier!
Now I plan to print this testing photo, to see how well it transfere onto different types of paper. I'm especially interested to see if it will work onto a 300 gr. uneven watercolor paper, because I like that surface. Would you say this is digital art? I do, but it's handmade to start with. That's the most pleasant thing, to feel the ownership of it all, to have done the whole process.
It's such a thrill to learn new things and especially when one learn something one has been searching for. There are still alot more to learn on how to manipulate my artpieces and I'm on my way.
What have you been up to lately?


  1. i would say its original art, and fun to

  2. What an interesting piece. I should make some time to learn this new stuff, too...but don't know when that will be.