Friday, March 15, 2013

Still here


We're still here, both I and king winter.

The frost has eased up a bit and the result is more snow. I wonder whether we'll ever have summer again. Right now I've had enough of winter and long for warmer days.
I have been  very busy this week making art for my coming series. Now I look forward to start publishing it all. First post will be on April 12th. That first post is an introduction, a bit background stuff.
I'm really pleased on how the art turns out. It's a mix of handmade and digital art. Since I took the time to figure out things in Picasa, I've found a new expression for my art. Perhaps you'll find it interesting too. It's not quite the same to do the research work, much more fun to make art.
That's all for now, I have more art to make. Enjoy your weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Very beautiful picture. I am excited to see what you are doing. I will keep watching for it. Yay! Hope the warmth finds you soon. I know this time of year is hard, because Spring is right around the corner...taunting us. :) Have a lovely day!