Sunday, March 3, 2013

Slightly different


This spread is made a bit different from the others. 

There is still a circle and patterns but I also allowed some squares and some patterns to run out of their space. In fact that was a must on this one. When I had finished doing the patterns I started doing the surroundings, this time I used some females to stretch around the circle. After doing them I saw how unfortunate it was with patterns ending at their butts. One thing to do about it, stretch the patterns out onto their bodies. Do you often end up like that too? I think it's a result of not planning. If I had been sketching it first, I would have seen it before it was done. Well, no big deal after all. But I had a good laugh when I discovered it.
Now I want to try my hands on some collaging, I saw Julie did some and that led me to believe I can do it too. At least it was done in a way I can relate to. I have difficulties to understand all that random pasting of different papers and stuff. Nothing wrong by doing it like that, it's just me that can't find it meaningful. Perhaps I just need some practice.
Another fun thing I think of doing this week is to make my very first haiku.  Madde has been asking her readers to partisipate making a tiny poem or a haiku, and I will have a go.
I have never done it before so I don't know how good it will be, but it looked so tempting.

Have a beautiful day. 


  1. I had to laugh about the lines ending at the butts! You made a good decision to extend them onto the bodies. I really like this piece...the colors and the shape of it.

    Poetry is just not my thing...but I do like doing collages. Have fun with them.

  2. i to had a good laugh about the butts, I happen to love this, and am very jealous, I cannot do that. Poetry is not my thing, especially haiku, I find it very hard.