Thursday, July 26, 2012

White ink.

I finally got the white ink I ordered some time ago.

Our guests are out for the day and that gave me an opportunety to test my new ink. The idea to paint some leafes came from Gennine. I saw her do it some time ago.
I'm planning to use the white ink on top of drawings, to make them sort of lighter. Black ink can't do that.

As long as handyman still are free from work I can't find the time to sit down to make art. The days are not the same as when I'm alone. Instead we do alot of things together and that's very nice too.
I started another painting of our son but have not done anything on it yet. Yesterday I started wondering if I ever showed you the photo I painted him from the first time. I'll add it here to be sure.

 He was two years old here. You can see my final reault here

We're enjoying having our guests, they're so nice people. Last evening we had some wonderful hours together. It's Handyman's sister and her husband, they're living in the south parts of our country.

I hope you are having fun too!

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  1. White ink is one of my favorite things. You'll have fun with it. LOVE the painting of your son!

    Enjoy your company while they're there.