Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Flowering right now.

The big Alliums are flowering now. The small ones are done. These are good to keep during winter. They dry up nicely and are very decorative in a vase.

UUUPS..... these white ones are weeds. Horrible weeds, but then again they're so beautiful. Together with the peonies they look like queens lace. I have to admit though that this photo was taken OVER the hedge. They belongs to our neighbour. Enlarge the photo and see how much they reminds of snowflakes.

This one is a very useful plant in our garden. It grows up like a hedge and stop much of the insight from the road outside the garden. The flowering dosen't last long but their foliage lasts long. Aruneus dioicus. We call them Skogskjegg. Very very very freely translated that means wood beard.

A closeup.

A couple of lillies. The yellow one is a day lilly and smells goooood.

This bush lives in the shadow and dosen't like it. It should flower richly but dosen't.

The gigant bells. I have no clue of what the correct name on this plant is. It has just started flowering and looks beautiful, even in late evenings with no light it shines.

 This is from the jasmine bush. Right now this was the only flower but it will flower richly this year. The whole bush is filled with buds. Many people love the smell from these flowers, but I don't.  It's too much for me.

Wish you all the best!

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