Monday, July 16, 2012

A few roses in my garden.

I don't have many roses in my garden. I can't get them to grow properly. I only have a few that have proved themselves to be strong willed.
The first one here is a wildrose ( dog rose) and it gets beautiful nibs in autumn. They (the nibs) are both beautiful and tastes good. Back in time it was the branches from this bush they used to make teeths for their rakes. It's very hard wood and are especially suited for that purpos. Below one of the flowers is about to unfold. In this stage they look pale pink.

Unfolded and almost done, in this stage they are white. I especially love all the darker spots towards the middle. They sits on long stems and it looks like they are dancing.

This next one is a Rugosa. Around here they grow wild too. Close to the shoreline there are plenty growing wild. Both dark pink and white ones. You probably know the good smells froom these. I love all the flowers that have a good smell.

The last one is a very old rose bush that smells heavenly too. Unfortunately they are no good in vases. Falling apart at once if I try to pick them. We call these roses Prestegårds roser. Freely translated it's something like The Vickers rose.

This one bloom every year even though it's very stepmotherly treated. Poor thing!

Well, that's my roses. Have a beautiful day!

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