Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Not much going on.

Some leafes and an old face.

I've made some sketches after returning from our vacation. I saw alot of different foliage but didn't photograph it. We didn't carry our camera each time we went out so........
The yellowish leafes was made using my new pen nib, a tiny one. It's a whole process to get used to use ink, for left handed people it takes alot of awareness. As you see I didn't always remember.

The lower set of leafes was inspired by someone I saw in Mallorca. The pink one in top is not yet unfolded. The pink colour is like a skin that is falling off when the leaf unfold. The leafes on this bush was very shiny.

Right now I'm preparing for a visit to the dentist. OUCH!!!!! Full of fear each time I have to visit there. Otherwise I'm preparing for some houseguests arriving tomorrow. There is this yearly food festival in Stavanger they want to visit. It'll be nice having them.
I hope you enjoy summer!

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