Friday, July 6, 2012

About languages.

I've had some complaints

 because I write my blog in english. Why don't I write in my own language? Nothing serious or rude, just telling me that it would be much easier to read if I use norwegian instead of english. When I decided to start this blog, one of the main reasons was to write in english. I wanted to maintain and perhaps even increase my english vocabulary. It has helped, alot. Wether I always am writing correct is quite another issue. Many times I have trouble finding the words to describe what I intend to say and therefor I often simplyfi my language. I shouldn't be doing that, it dosen't help me learning more.

Compared to english, norwegian is a language of few words. But sometimes we have a specific word for things that english doesn't have, for example we say  DØGN which means 24 hours/ day and night. It always amazes me when I find words that are "missing " in english. But then again, perhaps I just can't find them. I find it very facinating with different languages, that I can speak another language and be understood in a foreign country.

Of course it helps me alot to read other blogs. Blogs where the author is using their own language. Not only do I learn new words but also how to use them. Reading blogs is the closest one can get to the daily use of a language, except of living abroad of course. Newspapers uses a far more correct language but bloggers shows me the daily use. Very helpful, so thanks alot to all of you.

 Thank you also for beeing so patient with me. I know I'm not always writing correct but I try.

Have a super day!

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  1. Laila, you have thank you for writing in English. Us brits arn't as educated as other countries. Mainly due to us feeling low and not seeing anyone around get on to something other than manual work and struggling. We cannot seem to aspire beyond what we see. We get advised we're only good enough to work in a shop, so feel low too. Thank you for sharing in English, for your a friend reaching out with love that I feel can look upto! Much love!