Monday, July 30, 2012

Starting today. 1/50

The challenge 50 paintings 50 days.

Day one.

I did some thinking last evening on how to do this challenge. Should I do themes lasting one week, no theme at all or perhaps a theme for all 50 days? I made myself a list of themes, whether I'll use it or not remains to see. That list contains alot of good ideas so I'll keep it anyway.
 This first week I'll paint cups, in fact I'm so inspired that I feel I could do cups all through.
I've even asked my facebook friends to send me photos of all their favorite cups. I have enough cups to cover this weeks work, after that I'll have to visit family and friends to gather more ideas.
This was such a great idea and I can already tell that this will be something I enjoy to do. Thanks to designmadde for launching this idea!

My very first work is showing my favorite morning coffee cup. I'm recycling empty toiletpaper rolls, so they are my canvases during this challenge. I chose to mount my painting onto a fabric, and probably I will do that with each piece.  I have alot of ideas on how to do it.

Have a nice day everyone!


  1. So glad you liked and got inspired by my challenge. Love your cup!

  2. I just know this will be a fun challenge for you. I like the idea of cups.