Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In the middle of mess.

I have changed my doings to crocheting. Needed a break from painting and I always seem to crochet during summer. Much more easy to carry with me wherever I go or sit. Right now this is my workingspace.

The photo dosen't show the whole truth. It's quite messy around me when I work with crocheting, at least when I'm going to experiment.  I started these handcuffs today. Perhaps not the best colourmix but these are just a test. I had to try out the pattern.  By the way, do you like my turtle pinholder ? I made it many years ago and have been using it since then.

Below the cuffs on my arm. It's this Christmas marked I'm thinking of. Well, I'll have to see if I want them to come. These days I'm on the yearly biking week. My friend is back home and we start each day by biking for an hour or so. Depends on how much we pause.

What are you up to, enjoying the summer?

Have some beautiful days anyway!

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  1. Hi Laila, you won a cd, Yeah! Could you resend me your address, Thank you! Julie