Saturday, July 21, 2012

Back from a week in Mallorca.

We've had a wonderful week in Mallorca. 

Sunbathing and swimming all day long. Sandra swims like a fish now and she spent the whole week under water more then over it. She befriended a Sweedish girl and the two of them played so well together.
The weather was too hot even for me. Late evening and 34 deg. C without air condition of any kind. It felt good to return back home to more normal temperatures. We even experienced  a bush fire very close to our house and it was quite scary. The fire lasted for three days, planes and copters worked hard to pull out the fire. Some locals told us that there was 12/13 fires started and that they were lighted on purpose by someone.

One day Sandra was unlucky enough to lock our keys into the apartment so the care taker had to climb the balconies to get in and unlock the door. Luckily nothing happened to him. It was a dangerous task.

Above Sandra swims with her head over the water, mostly she was below the waterline. All in all we had a wonderful week, but it's good to be back home.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time even if it was hot. Your 34C (93F) is still about 10º less than it is here right now! Summer finally hit us with a vengeance. I lose all energy when it gets this hot.

  2. What a great holiday, I loved Mallorca when I was there once as a kid. The summer back home is not much fun, where does all the clouds come from? :-)