Friday, July 20, 2012

Fruits in the garden.


It's always exciting to see how much fruits each year brings.

This year our walnut tree won't have much nuts. This tree is very large, the hight is something like 10 meters.
Have you ever smelled the foliage of a walnut tree? It smells like apples. The nuts grows mostly 3 and 3 together. I have often wondered which colour they would give if I used them to colour yarn. Most likely I think it would be some sort of brown. My hands turns yellow when peeling the outer layer off the nuts though.

 Gooseberrys, yummi! These are an old sort too and tastes very sweet. We just pick and eat them, not cooking anything of them.

 Plums this year too. They don't become as sweet as they could be because of too little sun. But we use the ones we can reach. The apple trees seem to have lots of fruit this year. We have 6 apple trees and enough apples to share with the birds. Many years in autumn our trees are loaded with apples but no leaves. It's quite a special sight. The birds enjoys all the leftovers.
We also have a red currant bush. We pick and eat and the rest is for the birds. Sandra does pick and have milk and sugar on them. When I was a kid my mother ( and mothers) always made syrup of the berrys. I don't have any black currant and I really miss that. Perhaps this year is the right time to plant one.

In addition we also have the vegetable garden. This year we grow : Swedish, onions, peas, potatos, strawberrys and carrots.

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