Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Apple harvest time.

Need an extra item for Thanksgiving? I have not tried this myself, but it sure looks fun. Perhaps I should try it now that the apples are ready for harvesting. It seems easy to do and the outcome is rather special. I don't know if anyone remember that I promised to write this post, but I did back in June. In this post you can see a larger photo of a finished face. This whole idea came from a Norwegian craft magazine and the article says that the origin of this idea is American. The newly cut apple should hang in the kitchen window (or wherever you prefer) for three weeks. Each day one should gently squeeze the apple to help form the face. After three weeks, give it a couple of days in drying sand. One could dry it in the oven too, but then one will miss the chance to help forming it. Remember to use a pair of beads to the eyes. The body could be made of wire or whatever one prefers. It really doesn't matter, it's the face and dress (clothing) that matters.
There are a lot going on at the moment and I'll show you later on if I succeed. Tomorrow it,s time for the last tour in Old New York. Wish you all the best.


  1. oh my this is cute - an apple head. I think i might have to try it - it looks like fun.

  2. Dried apple-head dolls....I've never made one but I've seen them.

    Our apples were ripe a couple of weeks ago but the birds got most of our apples.