Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sandra and I have been painting.


This weekend Sandra & I have been painting stones.

Sandra was determined to paint her dog's face and I wanted to try a fish. It was fun but not as easy as I'd thought. The rough surface made it a bit more difficult.
It would probably be easier to start with one complete layer of paint before making any pattern. We didn't do that.
You can see that my stone had an uneven surface while Sandras was more even. When the paint was dry I gave the stones a layer of laquer. Sandra liked my fish that good, so I think she have to bring it home as a gift.

Last night when Sandra was asleep I sat down for some doodling. I had this idea I wanted to try. First of all I wanted to make a ribbon, and I did. Then I saw that a bow would be nice and I made that too.
The pattern nearest to the bow is quite complicated to make, but easier than it looks. There are five squares in the middle of it that I've filled with a tangle called Paradox and the crossing frame is filled with lines. Without these patterns it looks much easier.

The other square was something that followed and just happened. I think it's too easy to have been discovered yet. I really don't know if anyone have done it before.
Well, it's not easy to know what the rest of the world are doing so perhaps I'm the last one to discover this pattern. :-)

The last photo showes more of the same idea. It's not that easy to make the hearts but I assume it all depends on practice.

Just a short post before Sandrs is awakening.
Otherwise my thoughts goes to all Americans today, I really hope you can approach this day with peace in your hearts.

Wish you all the best!

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  1. Your doodles are beautiful! Very complicated looking, and I like your heart design.

    Today I do have peace in my heart. I remember ten years ago so clearly, and long for the freedoms we have lost because of that fateful day and the leaders we had then.