Monday, September 12, 2011

Yes, I think this will be good.

Remember my paperbeads?

I've finished the necklace I was making for my friend which she is going to use in her sons wedding. I'm not sure the photos shows how special it really is, but my friend loved it at once.
I was hopeing for a special lock, but I couldn't get hold of anything else than an ordinary one.

When the necklace was done I had 13 more beads and they are going to decorate her clutch. The photo below shows the necklace hanging as it will on her.

Below you can see it lying flat. When I look at it each bead seem like a little piece of art and the colours are stunning. In a distance it doesen't "shout", it's important that the rest of the party register my friend and not only her necklace.

This necklace is made of the smallest beads, and they are absolutely the most suitable for this purpose.
I showed my friend the necklace last night and I can't nothing but smile when I think of her reaction to it. She was all smiles.
Her dress is black so she felt for adding some colour, and colour it will be.

I've made the small decor-piece but as I see it there is a minor problem. The photo below shows one of my clutches and the piece on top. I feel this would work well, the sizes are well adjusted.
What do you think? I would love some feedback on this issue, please.

This is the handbag my friend intends to use, it's a really nice piece of work and suits her well but this one is a bit too big to my decor-piece, don't you think?
Of course I'm going to ask her opinion, and if she like she can use my clutch.
I could have made some more beads, but it's very difficult to get them right. The colours would never be of the same "soul" as the ones already made.

That was all for today, have a nice day everyone!


  1. Ja, veldig begeistret! Gleder meg!

  2. Stunning! You have created a beautiful piece of jewelry for your friend.

    I think either handbag looks good. I'd let your friend decide.

  3. Guu hvor fint det ble Laila. Hun kommer nok til å vekke oppmerksomhet:)

  4. That looks great! That's really special that you got to make it for your friend.