Saturday, September 24, 2011

Paint Blob challenge #3

Hello everyone.

Have you tried to do this? It's fun and very exciting to see what other people can do with the same blob. Enter Carla Sonheim's blog and take part you too.

I'm sooooo frustrated because I've been trying to share my (this) result on the 3rd blob and I can't figure out how to do it. Rrrrrrrr!!!

All I could see was the hunting guys and the great spirit. It could have been an angle too but I felt the most for the hunting guys.
Did you remember to enter my giveaway yet? If not please do!

Today my husband and I visited an antique fair, but there was nothing that wanted to follow me back home. My husband found something though, he is collecting old coins and papermoney. He was all smiles when driving back home.
That's all for today, I am on to something super cute. I'll show you in a post next week.
Enjoy your weekend and take care.


  1. I like your hunting guy/Great Spirit. I forgot to check out the next paint blob so I better get over there.

  2. Så fin den ble. Jakten på dagen og øyeblikket.