Thursday, September 22, 2011

New cover for my journal.


Today I've been making a cover for my art journal. I was so inspired after last night in the club. We always have such a good time and usually get inspired from one another. When I sat down with the machine today I was not thinking of doing this cover, but at a certain point I saw that this could do as a cover and my mind was set.

All the fabric was chosen quite randomly, as a matter of fact I used what catched my eyes and they are all leftovers. It's all done using the sewingmachine except the last seam which was hand sewn. It's visible at the second photo. The photo below shows the front cover.

The back cover holds the hand sewn seam. It was quick done and my journal feels good to touch and suddenly became more personal. This was really fun to do and the leftovers came to good use.

I'm very surprised what my journal mean to me, how it influences me. I would never have thought that when I first started. But at the same time it has become clear to me that I have to do different things, a bit of this and that. That's what it takes to do my best, or perhaps to feel the most inspired. I'm so greatful that Hanna inspired me to give it a try.

How did you get started?

Wish you all the best!


  1. Having other creative people to interact with is a great way to get inspired. I miss having that. I think your journal cover is gorgeous! All those bright yummy colors and designs....I just want to pick it up and hold it in my hands.

    I got started journaling when I began seeing all the wonderful art journals online.