Tuesday, September 27, 2011

With all my heart.

Hello everyone.

Today I'm going to show you what I've been doing lately. My Moster is turning 75 years today so I'm going to pay her a visit later on. Anyone who knows what a Moster is? Well, it's the same as an Aunt but at the same time it tells that this Aunt is the sister of my mother. Not many people uses this word any more but I learnt it as a child and for me she has no other name. Her real name is Elise but for me and my siblings she is Moster. Elderly people always react when they hear us calling her Moster, I think it brings back many good memories for them. At least that's what I've heard said.

I've been making hearts lately. For the last 3 years I've been baking gingerbread hearts, for Christmas, to hang as decoration in some of our windows. But, I actually don't like to bake and it's so irritating to throw them away when Christmas is over so this year I'm going to sew them.

The two upper ones are front and back, so they looks the same. The left one is half done and the lower one is for my Moster. I'm going to hang it on a gift for her today. At the back of that heart I've "written" Moster 75. She has access to my blog but she doesn't read any English so I hope I'm safe. These are also nice to give as small handmade gifts.


My giveaway.

Not that many that took part so it is easy for me to pick the winner. I wrote the names on paper patches and threw them in my blue bowle.

Then I picked one out and the lucky winner is:

Gratulerer Anne Lise, boken er din!

My art studying friend was the lucky winner.
I want to thank everyone that took part and hope for you to have better luck in another occation.
Now I'm off to prepare the gift for Moster.
Have a nice day and take care!


  1. Tralla la, den har jeg ønsket meg siden jeg så den første gang. Tusen takk Laila:))))) Gleder meg til å ta den i bruk. Hørtes litt farlig ut å ha en «Strategisk plan», men jeg trenger det nok siden jeg var vinneren. Vi sees soon.

  2. Congratulations to the winner!!

    Your "gingerbread" hearts are beautiful! I'm sure your Moster will love it. (I've never heard that term before.)

  3. I love the term moster. In south africa it can get very confusing becuase zulu people refer to their cousins as sisters and their aunts as mother. Also if you look after a sister or brothers child as often happens especially with HIV/Aids deaths - then those children are your children. to cut through all the confusion with my best friend Didi - we now refer to her uncle father and sister cousins

  4. Those hearts are very beautiful. Great blog. So many wonderful projects.

  5. Those hearts are very cute. I like the way you created "gingerbread" with fabric.