Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ruby got some clothes today.

I started off with pink yarn and a lot of courage. Haven't lost my courage during the day but this is sooooooo tiny. The pink "outfit" came out too big, the pants are way too wide and the top too. This is fun to make though, all I had to do was to have another try.
I went to the yarnshop today to see if I could find some skin coloured yarn but that was not easy. I returned with some other stuff instead. Thought I would finish Ruby first and then start a new one.

Fun to see how she looks a bit alive in this photo. Pointing her fingers and one foot ready to go.
I've learnt a lot from making her, amongst other things I know now that the doll must be a lot more stuffed than this is. I came up with this clever idea to use a patent-button (like those used in jeans) it worked well when I used a layer of felt between the two parts. So Ruby is able to turn her head. I was lucky enough to be given a paperbag filled with those buttons last summer so I can still have a lot of tests.

This white (?!) outfit is more fitted I think. In this photo Ruby seems to tell a fishermans story, don't you think? Oh, I've forgotten to give her a little colour in her cheeks. First thing in the morning tomorrow.
The next one I make will have bendable arms and legs. Elbows and knees.
Ruby is 15 centimeters (6 inches) tall. Believe my yarn was a bit thin.
Wish you all the best.

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