Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Strategic planner.

A few weeks ago I read about strategic planning, and how to make ones own planner. I liked the idea and got started at once. I came to this place through ihannas blog. If interested take a look here.
I wanted to make my book a little different and started the process. I used all kinds of material and tools. The process of making is what I like the most and it's really fun too.
A few days earlier I bought a pale pink dotted paper ( just love dots)and that would be how my book is on the outside.

I have dated it to 2011 cause inside are my goals for this year, and next year I have the full history of my planing and doing. Important as a tool for further planing. Easy to spot weak points and easy to change. In fact this is a very good idea.

Let's have a look inside.

Once I open my book there is a pocket full of calendar sheets. That way I always carry my plans and do not double book any more. :-)
In the middle I have a pocket for my planing cards. Here I have written down my goals and been very specific when talking about: Amounts, time limits and how to do it. Totally new way of doing it for me, but to be specific gives me the possibility to see what I'm actually doing during a year.
And, as Lisa said, one should never underestimate the power of down written goals! I have made myself different cards for what to do.

There is my vision card, my goal setting card and my activity card. I have decorated them and therefor it's fun to even look at them. And it's easy to write down my own progress. I really recommend this method to all of you.
And the very best part is to have the history next year to plan even more accurately.

Could I stop making when ready with my first book?

The answer is NO!
This book I made for a very good friend of mine, she was going to celebrate her birthday and I gave her this book as a present. These colours were chosen accordingly to what she normally prefer and she liked it a lot.

Another friend of mine was going to arrange her first public arrangement and I wanted to give her a book as well. Just as a "well done" gift. She fell in love with it immediately and have later told me that the book feels so precious to her that she finds it hard to write in it.

Elisabet just love turquoise, blue and a mix of both so I felt quite sure she would like it. There are pockets in her book too, and I'm sure she will find the timing to get started.

Elisabet told me a childhood story about a ladybird and she became a bit overwhelmed when she saw it in her book.

This last one isn't for anyone special but I couldn't resist making it. Can you see the little one at the back of the book. I really love that image. She stands as a visual example of strategic planing. Her VISION: to get a greater overview. Her STRATEGY: to fly. Her TACTICS: wings and balloon. Isn't that something?


  1. Laila, your post is so great and all the books you've created are beautiful. I know Lisa is so inspiring, glad you found her site and the strategic planner tutoral. This remins me that I too want to add pages to my ow planner like these. Thanks for inspiring me right back!

  2. Thank you so much for commenting Hanna, glad I could inspire you back. It really is fun making stuff and now that my cards are done I think it's time for some crocheting.

  3. Bravo! These books are awsome! I am definitly going to make my own planner for 2012. It gives me the time to plan the perfect size, the perfect paper, the right number of tags and pockets.

  4. Hi NaNa, thanks for commenting makes me happy.
    Hope you will have fun planing your own. I'm soon ready with planing how to spend December without any stressfull actions.
    Good luck to you.

  5. Alw'en, yes they are, perhaps it's about time to make some more of them. Thanks for commenting.