Sunday, March 20, 2011


Lately I've read about something called Zentangle. I've learnt that it's the same as doodling. I have been doodling all my life but only when "unconscious" so to speak. When speaking in the phone I can make a lot of doodling.

Yesterday I tried to do a cuple of zentangles.'s so fun!!!

I have to do this a lot more.

This was my first one ( brain in use....hehe) and as a start I made a crossword???
Felt the pressure.... normally I don't think when doing this.
I can see it's a bit overdone but learning by doing is what I like the most.
And I can see that the spelling isn't correct but couldn't let that stop me from showing the images.
I feel quite drawn towards cubical forms or other forms that seems to have depth.
I will experiment at that issue coming days.

My second attempt has the same problem as the first one: overdone, but I'm learning.

What do you think? Give me a hint or five...


  1. I found your blog from iHanna... I love your zentangles! They're great. Not overdone at all. And spelling doesn't matter! I got some good advice from a zentangle book - if you add shading using a soft pencil it gives the shapes more dimension. I added shading and my zentangles look much better =)

  2. Thanks for commenting Jo, I made some nice patterns that disappeard when the rest was added that's why I think it's overdone. Thanks also for mentioning the soft pencil, I'll try that. I'm going to come back to your blog a bit later to have a closer look.