Thursday, March 10, 2011

My cards so far.

I have been busy all day making cards for this swap I have joined. My "catcard" came out pretty well I think ( hopefully the reciever like it too) It's a bit scary to think I'm going to send these cards to people I don't know and what if they get dissapointed.

This next image shows a card in progres. I know it's going to be just as I have thought. Strange thing that one can feel when things are on track.
This have been a snowy day so I have stayed indoors all day. I long for spring now and don't want more snow. But it helps doing funny things.

I wrote this post yesterday evening and now I have finished 4 out of 10 cards. Don't know how much I can do today though since there are other things to do too. But it's difficult to leave this cause it's so fun and housekeeping is not.
A nice and creative day to you all.........

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