Monday, March 28, 2011

A gift of great value.

I was the only one they knew who would appresiate this great gift.

Yesterday I was given a knitting magazine dated back to 1949. It is complete and the content is very exiting. It contains a lot of baby clothes several different mens jackets, socks, skarfs, mittens and the most exiting... womens underwear!!
A couple of bed jackets and a two piece bathing suit.
I'm so thankful and exited...

Have a look, isn't it delicious?

I'll just have to try to knit some of this. It looks so delicious, back in those days they had to make it for themselves. I'm really looking forward to make some of this.
I got this from my sister in law. Luckily she had me in mind in stead of throwing it away.
The heading says something like: "Featherweight and still warm"

I really can't resist this last piece!

This one is reffered to as a "sun suit" Don't you think it's cute?
Don't know whether you can spot the buttons. There are five buttons at the pants and three at the top. That top could be a hit right now. I'm a bit uncertain about the pants though.

This book came along too.

It's handwritten and contains a lot of patterns of baby clothes. How many one would need to be proper equipped.
There are patterns to oldfashioned aprons too, and several types.
At the end she describes how to weave and how to set up a loom. All beautiful handmade with the most delicious handwriting. I really do feel lucky.

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