Saturday, May 8, 2010

Two skirts to crochet if you like.

I crocheted this skirt last summer and I have used it a lot. You can find the pattern here if you like to try it yourself.
This colourful skirt is crocheted in cotton yarn and are lined with a quite heavy material to avoid "the saggy baggy butt" syndrome. I chose to have a zipper in one side and that works well.

This other one is slightly diferent. As you can see at the picture the lower edge is far wider but I decreased the width quite quick.
This gave me a thight skirt with a bell-shaped lower edge and it's quite nice.
This skirt is lined too. The colourful skirt I crocheted in two halves but the black and white one is done in the round.
Give it a try, it's not difficult and crochet in the round is better, at least there are far less ends to weave in at the end.

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