Wednesday, March 16, 2011

From postcard swap and strategic planing to the even more relaxing hook.

I,ve finished my cards and thought it was about time to grab one of my plenty hooks. It seems I've started my very own springtime now. I've become more than normally busy playing with colours.
I had to dive into my boxes containing yarn, lots of yarn. My excuses for buying yarn are always the same. It's so useful having them stored when the inspiration take hold of me. I can't think of a more irritating situation than to be inspired and have nothing to work with.( Even, that will never ever happen in my place)
I have a whole room (in fact it is two rooms) filled from floor to ceiling with a lot of fabric and yarns and a lot of, you know all the stuff one "need" to be creative.

The most inspiring colours right now are....

I have a very nice and old fashioned conservatory in my garden and I'm thinking of making something really romantic stuff to fill in there. I'm not sure my husband is equally happy but I'll just have to make him a soft cushion to rest his head on. He likes that. :-)
Here is what I started late yesterday evening.(after my dive that is...hehe.) I don't know what to make yet, possibly a cushion, but time will show. Are you ready for springtime yet ?
Good wishes.


  1. Så flotte lapper du har heklet.
    Spennende med postkort swap.

  2. Thank you so much for commenting Marit. Nice blog you have. I'll come back a bit later to have a closer look. The swap is very exiting and my african flowers will soon turn up as a cushion. The colours are even nicer in reality.