Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Say hello to Ruby.

Today I've been crocheting the most fiddly thing I've ever done. I have made one of these amigurumi dolls.I was close to give it up but I'm a bit stubborn too so I finished it off. She came out quite well I think, at a point I thought the head was way too big but it seems to fit now.
I found Beth's blog and just had to try myself. What Beth is creating are just amazing. She's a real artist.

The wig wasn't easy to make but I got it on her head and it's okay beeing my first try. Looking forward to make her clothes. They have to be simple to make untill I'm a bit more trained.

Her eyes are just some old buttons I had but I think they work well. White yarn wasn't the smartest thing but I was only going to try. I am going to give her some colour in her cheeks and coloured clothes. Think that will help.
What do you think?

By the way, the small cups are chrocheted too. I made them couple years ago. They are stiffened with milk.

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