Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Two more done.

I truly wish to stay in this mood forever!

I have been playing, trying, doing over again and and even repeat it. I think it's the first time I've had such a RICH idea. How do you normally work?
It seems I'm working in series. It's easier to try out different things that way. Thanks alot for leaving a comment on my former post. I was so surprised when Janet said I was always thinking of new ways of doing things. Why surprised ? Because I always feel I'm doing the same things over and over and over again. That's why I always look for new ways or new ideas, trying to avoid beeing boring. Thanks alot Janet, for beeing an eyeopener.
 Well, nobody has ever told me that I was boring, it's probably me that's beeing bored.

I'll show you two different pieces today. The one below is the one I made as my second.  I was thinking of calling it Disruption, but I'll have to check if that term normally are used describing a human state of mind.
There is something about this piece ( I can't nail it ) that make me wrinkle my nose. It improved alot when I added all the strait lines. Mostly it's the colours I think, but there are something else itching my brains too

Because of my wrinkled nose I made a second try. This time I'm pleased, even though I speed painted the background and didn't believe in it at all. See the differens in the colours? It's more airy this one, the summer feel. Perhaps that's what my nose like. :)  I think this one is my favourite so far, but I'm working on another one that looks exciting.

Now I'll continue working, it's a blessing with all my new colours.

Have a beautiful day everyone!


  1. You are never boring! This new series is different and exciting...and I want to try this technique.

  2. I think the first one looks like a reflection in water, all shimmering - as if the water is moving. Ideas always seems to tumble into my head faster than I can execute them - always need more time.