Friday, June 8, 2012

Not Listening.

I had a bit time after all so I'll share my thoughts with you today.

Here I have assembled the whole series to make it possible to see them all in one place. I'm sorry for not beeing tecknical skilled. The photos could have been much better if I knew how to do it, but I'm " allergic" to all kinds of reading tecknical stuff. SORRY!! ( Do you think I have a job to do here? )


When I chose the blue/ bluegreen colors  it  was because I love them. The coolness and distance making effect they have suited well for my project.  The fact that these colors also have a calming effect gave me a challenge though. To fall apart isn't excactly a calming process, I think, and that's why I chose to add all the running paint as symbols of unrest. Each piece has, more or less, a  troubleing mind and needed something to underline that.

All the names of the pieces do describe what I actually did to create them. The doublemeaning is the most interesting part, I think, it can be alot more than just the obvious. It gives people the opportunety to  listen to what that specific piece are telling them. Each piece can live well on their own, together they tell a story. A story of  beeing unbalanced and all the way to falling apart.

I have to tell you a story about my paternal Granny. She was in every way a heavy weighter. She had a neighbour friend that certainly was a great person too, but thin as a line. In one occation they both were photographed together and Granny showed me that photo while saying : Too much and too little are equal bad. Be sure to balance your life. And she was laughing while saying it, she was a humorous person which I still admire. I often think of this and how wise it really is. Be balanced, good advice!

The fact that I didn't add the ears was planned even though it suits me well to avoid drawing them. As said I didn't know this whole thing would end up as a series. The missing ears is one of the reasons I can call my series: Not Listening. I have experienced  a few times that people won't listen while they're having a troubled mind, my main reason for not adding the ears.

Not Listening


 Building Up                                                                                             Disturbed

Loose Face

Falling Apart

Did this make any sense to you?
 All in all I've had a fantastic journey. It always feels good when things are working like I want them to. Now I have to get myself a good printing deal. I won't let the colors fade. That copy paper isn't worth much so they'll have to be properly printed.

Thank you so much for your encouraging words during this journey, it ment alot to me!

Please, drop in on Monday and I will give you a small colour challenge. Want to play with me?
Untill then.


  1. I like seeing them all together...they make a great series. And, yes, it all makes sense to me.

    Your Granny sounds like a wise woman. Mine told me to be different because not everyone likes the same thing.

  2. The pictures tell an interesting story - I like the explanation you have given, detailing the process of how this collection has come about. I like to idea of using the calming colours yet creating the faces that tell a completely different story. I wonder how your granny fits into all of this? She sounds as if she was quite a together lady - another opposite at play here.