Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Loose Face

Todays result was hard to gain.

 I made three trys before I was satisfied. This piece is called  Loose Face. I sort of like the double meaning, can make people think and have their own opinion.
I wanted to add the running paint at the same time as I wanted to control the running area and I didn't want the the running startpoint to be too obvius. It worked well I think.

Have you ever experienced to see someone in the phase of loosing face? Just imagine how it looks, you know that "glassy " expression, they see but they don't see. They pull themselves together and makes a distance to all the rest.

I tried to express this by using some glossy things at the falling parts. That idea came to me right before I was going to bed last night. A bonus effect is that the running paint doesn't fasten to the falling parts either. That is a plus, because I was a bit worried if the small parts would kind of disappear in all that other mess. This way they stay almost clean. The photo below is very close to how it looks in person. It was a bit challenging to photograph this piece because of the glossyness.

I used a flashlight in the one below, the shiny parts overtakes it all.

 In the photographing process I was a bit creative and I got some amazing results. Look at the photo below, isn't that amazing? It's not white paint, it's the flashlight tucked in with papertowels. The rest of the photo didn't get any light on, just a tiny bit on the shiny parts.

I think  Loose Face will be interesting to hang on the wall, imagine candlelight.

I have two or three more coming. Not sure I can do them but I'll try.

Good luck on whatever you are doing!

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  1. This one is really interesting and I can totally see the message of losing face. LOVE this series!!