Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Did you try mixing?

Here is what I mixed.

Both samples shows the result as they came out without any adjustment.

This one is a beautiful turquoise. My mix is a bit too dark but, if I was going to use it I would have added a bit more white. One thing I always do, is to mix in the black colour last thing I do. Many times I feel no need for black at all. Do you like my Clementine? Unfortunately my imagination is far  better than my drawing skills.

 No black 3 boats of colour 7 boats of white. -  70% blue 30% green


This one is too dark too.  It seems I have to be more careful with the black colour. What amazes me is how much less paint I use by doing it this way. I can easily mix a small amount and come pretty close to what I'm aiming for.

 2 boats of black 4 boats of colour 4 boats of white - 50% red 50% blue.

What I would suggest to you is, notice which colours you don't mix easily. Visit your local paint dealer and pick the colour samples you need. That way you can build your own colour map.
If your local dealer uses a different system, get a person to explain it to you.

It seems I have a problem with the "Click to enlarge " function. I hope to fix it but it might take some time.
Best wishes for the day!

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