Sunday, June 3, 2012

New crayons and a tiny bit Viking stuff.

I've used this weekend to tear away my excitement over the new crayons.

I had some book covers prepared so I start drawing and it became more dollgirls. Familiar and fairly easy. The only thing I've focused on is to try my new colours. I'm always so excited it's hard to consentrate. This way I hope to be able to consentrate coming week. Are you like that too, too high to do a proper job? In the first one I let the doll stand upon a table, and that gave an interesting result I think.
I'm not too happy with the coloured background, it was better before I coloured it. I had to pull myself to not making more lines on the design. Often I feel it's too much, but it's hard to stop when I'm first doing it. Here I stopped in time and I kind of like the result. The white dots gives the whole piece an airy feel which I hoped for. I made a frame out of the outer edges and that's kind of cool.

The second one I made I didn't stop lining in time. Or perhaps it's the design that is too detailed for this small doll. Otherwise they are pretty much the same.

I did connect them at the end, I'm not sure wether that was smart. My plan is to make even one more and connect that too. This way I need only one nail and they show off a bit more.

I picked  some lillys of the valley today and that made me think of where they grew when I was a child. I live in a typically agriculture land and, way back in time the Vikings lived here too. Are you familiar with how they buried their relatives?  You have probably learnt it once, they buried them in piles of stones. Where I live there are plenty of grave piles. In fact our property share a border with a grave pile. Today the piles are overgrown by grass and they are protected by law. As a child my friend and I had a special place where to find lillys of the valley and that was on a grave pile. They grew wild there, today they are gone.
A lot of treasures have been found in this area and in the archaeologic museum in Stavanger they are shown from time to time.
Well that was quite another matter, best to stop before I end up far away from what can have interest here.

May your Sunday be amongst the best!


  1. Both of the dolls are wonderful...and I don't think you have too much detail on the second one. Each doll has a different personality.

    Thanks for writing a little about your area. I like learning about other places and the customs.

  2. Your dolls are so sweet - I can see that you have enjoyed your new colours. I like the white dots around the first one - it is amazing how white dots or line can bring out a piece.

    I enjoyed reading about where you live and the Vikings - I just love history.