Thursday, June 7, 2012

A good idea.

I want to share a good idea with you.

Back in the end of the 90's I bought a piece of art that a friend has made. She did use roof stones as her canvases. Those stones have an uneven surface and she incorporated that as part of her art. I thought the idea of using  those stones were great. Now I realize, that in a few years I might have hundreds of canvases. We will need to change our stones sometime in the future and then............

A minor drawback is that the stones are pretty heavy, but they have these marks in each side so it is possible to hang them.

My last two pieces are done. I'm working on one more but it seems impossible to do what I had planned. I will keep trying though.

The one below is called " ONE Side Open." This one is slightly different from the others, and so is the last one.

The last one is called " Building up "  What I didn't PLAN with this series was  the clear story that slowly came into beeing. Of course I knew there would be some bonds between them since I worked within the same theme. I now realize that I started with the end of a story and worked my way back to the beginning.

Otherwise all the rest was planned, that is, there is a meaning behind each element. Both the obvious ones and the more not that obvious ones.

In my next post I'll tell you how I think about this series. Anyone who has been wondering about the missing ears?

This weekend Sandra is coming and tomorrow I'll have to prepare for that. We will plan her poster and perhaps start making it. So my next post might not show up untill Monday.

Have a wild weekend everyone!!


  1. Using roof stones is a very interesting idea! I really like the texture. You use the loveliest shade of blue in your pieces. Very pretty! And I did not even notice that the ears were missing. :0)

  2. I've seen art done on roof tiles before and it seems like a great idea...except for the weight. I like what you've done with yours. And I like the next two pieces in your series. These will look great hanging together.

  3. intriguing faces - mysterious, love how they have told you a story.