Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I'm working on a trade project.

We've had such wonderful weather the last couple of days, that means a lot of garden work and planting in some new summerflowers. Then, just a few minutes ago I heard on the radio that coming weekend will bring frost again. It's unbelievable.

My trade this time gave me a real challenge, it wouldn't work out as I had planned it and because of that I had to change my choise of tecknique. The way I do it now looks promising and I'm really excited about this whole thing.
Have you ever tried trading? I highly recommend it, it's a special joy to make something ment for another person and the excitement added to the whole process. As you understand I can't show what I'm making other than some close close closeups.

My part of this trade contains three pieces that together will make one whole expression. I haven't decide whether to connect them yet. First I need to see how they work together when done.

 OH, I'm so enjoying this and I hope my trading partner enjoys it too.

We're promised nice weather tomorrow too, I wish the same for you whatever nice weather means to you.

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  1. Lucky you, you got spring. your trade project look fun and full of texture.