Thursday, May 31, 2012

A new book cover.

I have been wanting to try this,

and today I did it. First I used a lot of different colours and covered my canvas. I had no other intensions than to cover it up with paint. When done I felt it was a bit too dark so I added some white dots.

Next I drew a simple shape on top and detailed it a bit.

At this point I had chosen how I would like it to be. I added colour to my shape and freshened up the black lines at the end.

More colour and some finishing touches. I really like how it turned out and think I will try this again. Originally I was going to continue my earlier work but, it will not play along so I guess the time is not right yet.

This kind of work suits me well if I feel a bit playful and just want to see what happens. A lot of things can happen and it's always exciting to see what comes out in the end.

Our weather has changed to ice cold. Brrrr............

Wish you all the best!

1 comment:

  1. You just keep creating more and more beautiful things. This book cover is great. I like the colors you used and the leaf design on the front.