Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sandra's project this weekend.

This weekend has been a busy one.

Sandra started a new project, a project I think she enjoyed a lot. Decorating boxes of all kinds. I had these wooden heartshaped boxes and she was going to decorate one of them. We discussed a lot of possibilities and she landed on  drawing and painting. First she drew the heartshape from the box and then she made her design.

She chose the colours she love the most and started colouring before she used the brush and water. In the end on top of all we added a layer of laquer, to make it more sustainable

Phew, first box made, then just to start next one.

The next was an old box I had in my stash. Round and a ribbon fastened to it. Original the box was blue but after a short discussion Sandra decide to make it black and white. Mostly because of the ribbon and she had this lovely dotted paper  from a shoebox.
She used a layer of gesso to hide the blue colour and then we added matte medium and the paper.
She wanted this box to be special and I showed her my very old mother of pearls buttons. There's this lovely shine in them and she loved them too. Top of the lid were painted black and she glued the buttons on top.

We ended up using some larger buttons in the senter. I didn't have enough buttons to coover it all.

Below you see her two boxes. I think she did well even that she became unfocused from time to time. Her boxes are unique and will do well in her display, don't you think?

Last photo shows a tired and proud girl with her two boxes. Now the documentation remains. She'll do that tomorrow before she leaves.

I hope you've had an interesting weekend too.


  1. You should both be proud! Those boxes are so cute. I love the owl box...great idea, and the button box is very pretty. That last picture says it all with that smile on her face.

  2. These boxes are so much fun to decorate. Sandra is off to a good start in the world of arts and crafts. More power to her.