Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Acrylics on canvas.

Without a layer of paper between  the canvas and the paint.

The Norwegian Queen showed her personal art ( she is a great collector) on telly a few days ago. That got me so inspired that I right away made a small drawing, and later on painted some houses. Now I'm deep into it and yesterday I bought several huge canvases.

This is my tiny drawing. It measures 13 by 16 cms. Watersoluble crayons and acrylics.

 After studying it for awhile I saw that the shadow was wrong. When a painting holds this kind of image the shadow needs to be accurate. The house is so simple that the suroundings and colour value does matter a whole lot I think. Simplifying things does give another experience.
 The one below is done. I don't know how many layers of paint it holds but now I'm pleased. This is acrylics only, directly onto the canvas. It measures 24 by 30 cms.
If one study it closer one can see that the lines are not as strait as they should be, but to be my first I'm still pleased. I used some Regular Gel at first to add some body to the canvas before painting. 

The painting below is still in progress. As a matter of fact this was the first painting. I added the Gel and made some circles in it just because I wanted to know how it worked. I wouldn''t have done that now unless I had plans for the circles. First I made them as flowers, but they didn't fit in. What remains here is the earth part and the shadow. This painting will rest in my studio for some days untill I can see what to do.

This canvas was already prepared for painting so this one has layers of old bookpages on it. It measures 30 by 40 cms.

 I'm sure you all can imagine how it looks like inside the Royal Recidense. Golden hue, red carpets, high celings with beautiful stucco work and paintings. Right there, in the middle of all this, our Queen adds a huge lot of extremely modern art.
It would be very easy to add a lot of national romantics in there. ( and perhaps that's what most people would expect to find in there)  But instead  our Queen denied to give up her personal taste, she brought it and integrated it into the palas. Queen Sonja is really something, and she did inspire me alot this time.

Have a good and inspired day you too!

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  1. Good for your queen for sticking with what she enjoys.