Sunday, May 13, 2012

Small paintings.

I've had so much fun making these cards.

After finishing my swap project I felt for drwaing a bit. My russian dolls keep inspiring me and while doing these I came up with even more ideas.
It's so nice to let anything else go and just be in the process of creating.
As a postcrosser I need handmade cards from time to time, and I like to have some ready for posting.

This first card was made using some scraps at first. They were glued down with matte medium and that wasn't the perfect way. My twinks (watercolors) didn't act as I wanted them to. Isn't that interesting to learn something new all the time? Well, if I had thought about it in beforehand I would have known but then again I love to make the most out of every try. As when sewing, I love to make a whole lot out of a tiny bit of fabric.

 I can't decide which one I like the most, can you? The upper one is perhaps the most interesting but the one below is cleaner and, I don't know.

Playing with my twinks again. I love these colors but I have not spent enough time with them. Both faces are done using crayons.
This has been a good weekend and right now our son is home to learn some maths from his father. I'm glad it's not me, much more fun to draw and paint.

Wish you all the best!

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  1. It would be difficult to choose between the two because they both look great.

    I agree with you about the is much more fun!